The allure of a full figured woman is evident in the arts, cinema and culture. Art presents ideals of beauty with generous proportions. The languid contours of Michelangelo’s sculptures, Night and Dawn, are undeniably voluptuous. Botticelli’s paintings, Birth of Venus and Primavera, emphasize ample feminine forms. Cinema has long featured well endowed women on the big screen. Stars from Mae West, through Jane Russell and Jayne Mansfield, to Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are major beauties with impressive assets. Films like Bridget Jones’ Diary portray pleasingly plump proportions as modern preference. Culture too absorbs influences of thought and effects of evolution. Body size is increasing; fashion accommodates change. Costume through the centuries has kept pace by accentuating contemporary standards and clothing maximum beauties. Thus, the full female form has never lacked artist, audience or appreciation.

Dressing a beautiful form begins with lingerie. Ninety percent of women in the Western world wear bras, and the average bra size increases as body mass and bust size consistently expand. Over a decade the British bra size rose from 34B to 36C, and in 2001, 27% of UK sales were D cups or better. In America the average size grew from 34C to 36C. Because large-breasted women need comfortable support, correct band and cup measurements are crucial to choosing the optimal brassiere. Zaftig forms require elevation and separation to raise bosoms from against chest walls. Women with pendulous breasts strive to distribute weight evenly. Of course, fabric and construction are key elements of any beautiful undergarment, the corset included. A corset is an asset to full figured fashion, and today’s corset slims with ease and comfort. However, historically, corsets and girdles were binding and tortuous. In the 1950’s and beyond, rubber garments with ventilation perforations were endured to compress shapes. Later in the 1960’s, roll-on stretch undergarments were slight improvements. However, modern technology now makes it possible for women of all sizes to enjoy shape control or enhancement with materials that hold, mold and breathe. Full figured women can fulfill all fashion wishes from top to bottom.

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