A woman’s breasts are as individual as her body’s shape. So, before a properly fitting bra can be selected, you must know how to measure, then use our bra size calculator.

Tips On Measuring

1) Have someone else take the measurements with a cloth tape measure. 2) Stand up straight wearing your most comfortable fitting bra; do not measure over clothing.

Method of Measuring

a. Band Size

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure directly under the breasts and straight around the back. The tape must be straight and snug, parallel to the floor. Record the measurement. If the measurement is 32" or less add five inches (+5") for your final bra band size. For example, if your chest under your breasts measures 31" + 5" = 36", that is your band size. If the mesurement is 33” or more add three inches (+3") for your final bra band size. If, by chance, your final measurement is an odd number, reduce that number by one inch (-1"). Example: if your final band size comes out to be 35", subtract one inch so 34" will be your band size and use this measurement for section "a" of our bra size calculator.

b. Cup Size

Measure around the bust at its fullest point. The tape needs to be straight and not tight. This measurement will be the number you put into section "b" of our bra size calculator.

Your cup size is determined by the difference of this measurement and your determined band size. Each inch of difference is one cup size. For example, if your bust measurement is 37" and your band size is 34", the difference of 3" will mean that the cup is a C. The final size is a 34C (this will be calculated for you using our bra size calculator).


Measurement "a" (band): inches

Measurement "b" (cup):   inches

Your Bra Size:  

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