Rihanna Only Girl in the World Video

National Mill Industry, Inc., the company behind, proudly presents the recent Rihanna Only Girl in the World Video for your enjoyment, featuring one of today's hottest singing sensations sporting our Model 213 brassiere!

Rihanna is the R&B princess from Barbados who conquered billboard like a tropical storm with her sexy moves and angelic voice. Supporting it all is our Model 213 plunge lace longline with Kodel (r) fiberfill for perfect curves!

Check it out below. Look for it at the half-minute mark; you've got to see it to believe it! The Number 213 brassiere is the look that fits, literally, with support that doesn't restrict. Finally you can sing, dance, and dream in perfect comfort while looking your best - just like Rihana!

Take a look at the YouTube video below and see if that doesn't say it all about what the Number 213 can do for a woman who is physically active as well as attractive. While we intended it to be an undergarment first and foremost, we will agree with Rihanna that it is beautiful enough to worn on its own, too!

Twitch CBS Live to Dance

National Mill Industry, Inc., the company behind, proudly presents the recent Twitch appearance on the CBS show "Live to Dance" featuring our Model 386 brasselette!

Twitch is the South Florida dance group made up of eight girls and one boy, teens ages 14 through 18 who practice every day, usually for three or more hours. They are among this season's hottest contenders on the CBS hit show "Live to Dance" where contestants square off against one another in front of a celebrity panel that includes the likes of Paula Abdul. National Mill Industry, Inc. is a veteran of the ladies' intimates business, with clients like Macy's and other fine retailers across the country, whose products clothe celebrities from Rihanna to Queen Latifah!

We are honored that both established acts and up-and-coming names believe in our line of sexy fashionable intimates. For their "Live to Dance" debut on CBS, Twitch chose our Style 386 brasselette, the Silhouette Maker III. Designed for the barest backs, it offers smooth sculptured lace with front zipper underwire and light boning for slimming curves. Speaking of curves, fiber-filled cups create alluring cleavage, while the garters are fully removable.

Check it out below! You won't believe your eyes. The Twitch girls are dressed in the white version, which they have customized for the contest. While we intended it to be an undergarment, it is certainly beautiful enough to be worn on its own, too!

Hello we are John Culbertson & Cookie Ramos.

We are the owners of Dance Attack in Miami where the group "Twitch" comes from. They are our students, we are their dance teachers...we would like to thank you for your comments about our costume on your site. Yes, we did buy the bustier from Carnival and we added to it to make it a costume. We are so honored that you recognized this and commented on it. Many thanks for the recognition! It is very much appreciated.

Sincerely, John Culbertson & Cookie Ramos

Queen Latifah People's Choice Awards

National Mill Industry, Inc. of is pleased to present Queen Latifah at the recent People's Choice Awards wearing our Style 423 torsolette!

Born Dana Elaine Owens, "Latifah" is Arabic for "delicate" and "very kind," a name given the Newark, New Jersey native by her cousin. From singing in her high school play to beatboxing with Ladies Fresh and Flavor Unit, Queen Latifah has gone back and forth between rapping and singing, currently acting in movies and hosting television shows as well. Always tall for a girl, she played the power forward on her high school basketball team despite E or F-sized breasts, which she had reduced to a size DD years later (despite originally wanting DDD, half-jokingly claiming that she was shortchanged).

No matter the size of the lady, however, has the perfect fit - such as the black Torsolette 423 Queen Latifah chose for her appearnce at the 2011 People's Choice Awards! The Kodel fiber-filled cups provide support while allowing full freedom of movement, and the undercups and front panels are double-knit in Enkalure nylon. Quality craftsmanship means light boning that slims and cinches waists, thus helping to curve hips even as it flattens stomachs. Removable garters allow for easy integration with any manner of outfit imaginable, such as what Queen Latifah has done at the People's Choice Awards. And though the Model 423 torsolette was intended to be worn as an undergarment, we are pleased that our fashionable intimates have been flexible enough to serve in any capacity necessary. Take a look below at the embedded YouTube video - you won't believe your eyes!

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