A bra is the top half of the lingerie pictured in the upper left-hand corner of this webpage. A corset completes to below the waist (pictured left). Corsets slim figures, enhance silhouettes, and support weak muscles and backs. The corset is a fashion asset; it is an essential garment effecting desired outer clothing lines. Like the bra, a corset contains and compliments a female figure. Like the brassiere, the corset has enjoyed a rich history and has celebrated change. Once constructed of torturous laces and constricting slats of bone supports, the corset has been radically revised over a very long time. Today, corsets are flexible, comfortable and beautiful, thanks to ultimate choice in material and design. Together, the bra and corset have rendered brides beautiful, delighted debutantes, and fulfilled fashionable dreams of lingerie.

Carnival carries a wide variety of bras and corsets. We carry seamless bras, strapless bras, backless strapless bras, seamless corsets, strapless corsets and much more...

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